Karen Ann Endres Memorial

Things Karen Liked

Karen had a variety of eclectic things she liked which made her fairly unique. She liked angels for the protection they brought her. And Teddy Bears for the comfort, comradery and humor they bring. She also liked the moon and planets and how they aligned various different configurations. And snow for the peace and cleansing effect they had on the world around us. And warm fires in the fireplace to balance out the snow.

Some of Karen's angels

Karen's artsy teddy bear


This is our house on the day Karen left her body. Lots of snow to send her off. There wasn't supposed to be this much or last two days, but it was here for her send off.


And inside

We planted this Burr Oak tree when we moved into this house in Dec. 1992 as a memory of my mother and Karen's Uncle Alfred. She researched it and chose it. It was 12 feet tall then. Now it is more like 40 feet tall. It is now my reminder of Karen.


What has drawn us together from the very beginning has been our pursuit of our individual spiritual journeys. And for over a year now we each have realized the successful completion of our life long spiritual journeys. And I think this is one reason Karen could leave now with no regrets. She left in the twinkle of an eye without any pain while she was in my arms.