Karen Ann Endres Memorial

Registry and Comments

Karen's books and some other artwork can be found on her website Healing Gifts from the links below. Karen's first book, Pioneering is published in hard copy and her second book Evolutionary Roads is an electronic book readable from her website. Both books have been reduced to no cost. To receive a free copy of her first book you may add it to your cart and got through the checkout process and I will send you a free copy to the address you enter. You may also purchase the electronic book for no money, and your login will unlock the link on the left of the screen to allow you to read that book online as well.

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Registry Entries follow:

Apr 4, 2020 Lynda Miller <lynda414m@gmail.com>

I didn’t know Karen well, but I truly enjoyed sharing a week with her in Cabo, Mex at the invitation of her sister, and one of my best friends, Patricia. Karen was such a talented artist and beautiful spirit. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had of sharing a brief but memorable time with her.

Apr 20, 2020 Marjorie Schoech Wall <marjoriewall@bellsouth.net>

I wanted to acknowledge that I was saddened to hear that Karen has died. She and I grew up together and were friends. We went to college together, worked and shared an apartment in Dallas together and lived together on the beach in New Jersey one summer.  I am sad to say that we lost touch with each other but I have wonderful memories of our friendship.

Karen and I went to Beach Haven NJ for the summer when we were 21. We got jobs cleaning a motel called The Seahorse, it’s motto being “beautiful, but not expensive”. We always made fun of it. We would take the beach jittney to the motel-about 5 miles up the beach-and then hitchhike back. People who picked us up couldn’t believe we were from Texas and would ask us to “talk”.  We also lived in a crummy one room apt. in Dallas when we were 20 and worked the night shift on the assembly line at Texas Instruments. The apartment had a Murphy bed and a fold out couch. We took weekly turns to see who got to sleep in the bed!

I am so sorry that Karen has died but I’ve been laughing at some of our crazy memories like spending 24 hrs. at JFK airport because my friend forgot to pick us up and having to re-clean those motel rooms cause we really weren’t very good.

She was one of a kind and I sure will miss her. Wish we had not lost touch.

May 2, 2020 Joy Henneberg <awarenestaz@gmail.com>

I wanted to share how much her friendship meant during the years in my life, living homebound with pain.
We met Karen when we connected with the Crimson Circle in the Fall of 2003.  

We eventually held a monthly Crimson Circle potluck at our ranch north of Fort Collins.

Karen was always present and her Pioneering Art was being created at this time. I felt a deep connection with her and her work.  Karen shared so much of herself and was such a beautiful soul.

At other times she'd come out with a lunch to share.  We spent much time together on our deck, talking about these incredible times we were experiencing.

We left Fort Collins in the Fall of 2008 and returned in the Fall of 2015. 

We again connected and spoke by phone or when she drove out.   It was as if no 'time' had passed, something I've experienced in life with other soul sisters.

We never spoke of age, so I didn't realize this was Karen's 77th year. On my recent 67th birthday I felt that '67 is heaven'.  And now I'm happy to know Karen has gone ahead there to communicate with.  I imagine her art has gone to a whole new level.  I always believed what she left behind would be helpful to future explorers. 

Love and blessings to you, dear friend. 
And our love to you, also, David.

I'll always be grateful Karen was still in Bellvue in 2015 to share more time with her.

Forever and Always
Joy & John Henneberg