EVOLUTIONARY ROADS - is an online Cartoon Book by Karen Endres containing images and insights recorded in order to understand her life.


"EVOLUTIONARY ROADS," a 100 page online cartoon book, is now available to read from the website. It tells the story of transformation to a new path.


This book, written and illustrated from early 2008 to 2011, explores the beginnings of symbols and images that were expanded with greater meaning and resonance in "PIONEERING," created from February 2013 to March 2014.


The internet book file is available for $30 plus tax. A couple of minutes are necessary for the main flash file to come up for the first time at 10 Mbps. The next time you go on the website, the book comes up in 1-2 seconds with no delay when you view it from the Healing Gifts website.

To access the internet book after you buy it,

1. You login to the website the same way you did to buy it,

2. You click on the new category that is added to the column on the left "View Internet Books."

3. Then a page comes up with the internet books you have purchased and you click on the one you want to read (View Evolutionary Roads)  and that takes you to the page that displays the internet book.

You can find detailed instructions on the Help screen at the top of the Chapter Listings in the upper left of the display.