Number 1 - Visionary Art -- Intuitive Art

July 28, 2014 



Alex Grey, a well known visionary artist, has written extensively on visionary art. He says:  “Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight.”

Other visionary or intuitive artists? Frida Kahlo, from Mexico, painted her feelings and impressions of her life.  She used metaphors to show what happened in her life.  Salvador Dali, a little more mental, painted surrealistically.  William Blake created illustrated books, where words and drawings are intertwined together on the pages, and both text and drawings are necessary to the meaning.  Blake called this way of art the “divine imagination.”

I began my intuitive Artwork when I was asking myself some really big questions about my life and received answers in images, flashes of inspiration, hearing or feeling, just knowing. Answers came from all the senses.  I quickly sketched them in cartoon form or in symbols, and asked myself “What does this mean?”  In this way I developed my Artwork into cartoon books, story books, dream Art, visionary and symbolic paintings, and a self guided study book to help find one’s own inner voice in art.

My purpose is to inspire and educate others, artist and non-artists, in using creativity to learn from within themselves.